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Optional Rules

Optional rules are great. They can enhance the game and give it new dimensions of play as well as a variable depth. With optional rules can you – the player – play the game in a way you like the most. This is why we’d like to provide you with the most important ones. Why they are not mentioned in the manual you ask? So that I have something to do… -.-*

You can use any of the following rules, but you don’t have to, please take what you like and leave the rest for other players to enjoy. >> >>

2018112018 11 24 270x250 - Rules Q&A and FAQ

Rules Q&A and FAQ

Although Till and myself have tested the rules thoroughly over an extended period of time there are some things which are a bit unclear.

Following are the questions regarding the rules that are asked so far.

Now that the game is released we played a lot with players outside our test group and found that some things are not as clear as we hoped they’d where. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent this because as long as there is a finite number of test players there will be a finite number of question. >> >>