Packages… PACKAGES! – November 2018

Packages! Packages, Packages & even more Packages! November was more about packing and shipping Copies of Adellos, then anything else. All crowdfunders, a good number of reviewers and the first buyers will already receive their packages in the first days of November and many more will follow.

In order to make no MINUS when specifying 5 € shipping per package, I have gained a business customer portal at DHL. This way I can send packages for 4.50 € instead of 5.99 € or even 6.99 €!

The plan is to require an average of no more than 5 € per package for shipping, despite the packaging costs. Unfortunately, because the business account is down for a whole week, since the communication between DHL and myself didn’t work completly smooth and I have to send nearly 10 packages via the private customer portal, I can already not manage that in November.

Good news, however: Almost all packages reach their recipients safely. Even the packages to the USA, Indonesia and Russia arrive and are intact, although they take a crazy long amount of time to travel.
Together with my team, I also prepared the Kickstarter campaign for “Founding Tarnaris” and the first reviews of Adellos by board game reviewers went online on Facebook and Instagram. All in all, November is a very busy and stressful month.

John continues to work diligently on the adventure game “Adventures of Navrith” and based on an idea from him, I start to develop a small card game called “Thieves Guilds of Tarnaris”.

My main focus, however, is clearly on sending Adellos packages and providing the social media channels with PR material to boost sales.

The following months will have to show, how well I actually succeed with that.

Love from…