Adellos – Immoral Offer


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Delivery Time: ca. 30 workdays
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Design: Germany
Production: China

5 new white dice (time counter).
25 AP tracker tiles.
3 Incantion tracker.
1 small gray die (bonus rounds).
4 new event cards.
New rules and needed errata.


The Adellos add-on “Immoral Offer” is the first expansion for the board game “Adellos – First Edition”. It originated from a small Kickstarter campaign that was supposed to produce only minor updates & errata, but as it evolved, more and more content wandered into the expansion.
The final content:
5 new white dice to help count down incantations and stuns with time markers.
25 AP tracker tiles to track player action points.
3 Incantion tracker.
1 small gray die to track the bonus rounds.
4 new event cards & new rules and required errata.

This little add-on greatly enhances the gaming experience. All content also fits into the Adellos insert (also available in the shop).