Strife of Gods


Design: Germany
Production: Lithuania

Player: 2 – 5
Age: 8+ years
Game duration: 20 minutes


Strife of Gods is a competitive card game for 2-5 players, ages 8+. It consists of 40 number cards, 16 champion cards,
15 victory point cards and a starting player card. At the start of the game, the numbers and champion cards are laid out
in a large circle on the table. During the game, the players in turn take cards from the circle, with a maximum of 3 gaps
in the circle. As soon as all players have taken 5 cards, the winning color is determined. The color of the gap card with 
the lowest number determines the winning color. Then the players add up the values ​​of their drawn number cards in the 
winning color. The player with the highest number of points wins this round and receives victory points. 
The game ends as soon as each player was the starting player. In addition to a bit of luck, you need good strategy and 
tactics to win the game, but the champions' special skills can also turn the tide quickly.