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Adellos – How do you pronounce that?


Since this question is asked a lot and we can’t answer that for you in person because chances are you’re living on the other side of the globe, I figured I very quickly explain it here:

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A Light in Darkness

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to dominate 2020 and caused us all concern, the second half of the year also holds some good news for Adellos fans.
So, at the beginning of October, after almost 2 years of production difficulties, delays and communication problems, the Adellos expansion Immoral Offer finally arrived at our premises.

We are now already busy with parcel lacing and shipping! Almost at the same time Strife of Gods, our last campaign from this spring, has reached us. >> >>

Our newest card game launched at Kickstarter

Hello, as already announced our Kickstarter campaign went online today and will help us to finance the production costs for our new tactical card game "Strife of Gods". 
On Kickstarter you will find everything you need to know about this game. Just have a look. :)


Strife of Gods

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Introduction: Talindras Children of Nature (Faction)

“Talindras children”, that’s how forest elves, centaurs, fairies & many other magical creatures living in the deep forests of Luslaria are called by man. The elves are not originally from Tarnaris, but from a completely magical island south of the wildest forests of Tarnaris.

They arrived at the beginning of the second era after the humans had already populated Tarnaris. However, not all elves are the same, the humans have found two overriding terms for elves to distinguish them.

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Introduction: Irælias Zealots (Faction)

Irælia’s zealots are the most devout people in Tarnaris. They have made it their mission to spread knowledge about the different gods and expect humility and obedience. They built their holy city on the highest mountain in Ochax, right next to an active volcano. While the rural population still smiles at this decision decades after the construction of the great cathedral, the heads of the church explain their decision with these words:

“The volcano is the divine arm of retribution.

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Introduction: Voris’ Advocates (Faction)

From the beginning of time, Voris, the god of unlife, attracted desperate souls and power-mad zealots. People who have lost a loved one and can’t live with it, desperate to find a way to bring their deceased partner back to life, and powerful beings who want to empower themselves and and let their battles be fought from the dead bodies of fallen soldiers.
Most of the nations of Tarnaris have declared war on the champions of Voris’ way and their undead servants and forbidden necromancy, but the eastern desert state of Aith has not.

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Introduction: The Horde (Faction)

Orcs, trolls, goblins, ogres and many more. Creatures that have been so rare in Tarnaris’ history that many people from the central regions of Tarnaris consider them a fairy tale. Legends made up by old sailors to frighten children. Only a few ships that left Weistror and sailed so far to the east that they actually met the creatures of the “Horde” came back to tell about it. Even the scholars dealing with the Horde know little about the culture, customs and rituals of them.

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New Projects in 2020

The Adellos team is working on many new games again in 2020. One project is nearly completed: “Strife of Gods”. If you want to learn more about it, follow us on our social media channels, i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.
Due to the Corona crisis and the rapid spread of Covid 19, we will not be at any conventions or events in the first half of 2020. We are watching the development and will inform you as soon as we know how the second half of the year is going.

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