Introduction: The Horde (Faction)

Orcs, trolls, goblins, ogres and many more. Creatures that have been so rare in Tarnaris’ history that many people from the central regions of Tarnaris consider them a fairy tale. Legends made up by old sailors to frighten children. Only a few ships that left Weistror and sailed so far to the east that they actually met the creatures of the “Horde” came back to tell about it. Even the scholars dealing with the Horde know little about the culture, customs and rituals of them. Most knowledge is based on stories of merchant ships that were half destroyed and returned home with only a fraction of their crew.

The few serious reports tell that the continent, Orcs Goblins & Trolls call their home, is said to be much larger and much more barren than the human homeland. However, everyone agrees that one is lucky to have seen so little of the creatures of the not yet named continent.

The first champions of the Horde will make their debut in the card game “Strife of Gods”, whose Kickstarter- campaign begins on May 1, 2020!