Introduction: Voris’ Advocates (Faction)

From the beginning of time, Voris, the god of unlife, attracted desperate souls and power-mad zealots. People who have lost a loved one and can’t live with it, desperate to find a way to bring their deceased partner back to life, and powerful beings who want to empower themselves and and let their battles be fought from the dead bodies of fallen soldiers.
Most of the nations of Tarnaris have declared war on the champions of Voris’ way and their undead servants and forbidden necromancy, but the eastern desert state of Aith has not. Here Necromancy is not only tolerated, it is even worshipped. The intrigues of the black magicians reach all the way into the government and steer the paths of this great but bitterly poor nation.
As much as Voris advocates are hated in the rest of the continent, Voris offers his servants a promise that most of the living can only dream of.
Immortality. Life for centuries and power over small armies of corrupt beings. Many righteous have already fallen for the tempting promises of the god, and some have even achieved fame beyond the borders of Aith.