Development of the Kickstarter Add-On – April 2019

My path until here provided endless opportunities to learn. In most cases by mistakes. And the Kickstarter campaign for Adellos was no exception. Even tho it was successful, it ended with significantly fewer backers than I had hoped.
The first (and only) stretch goal I had achieved did not feel enough alone to me, for the backers of whom some really spent a lot of money on an enhanced version of the base game.

Because of that and because I was interested in developing my own heart project, I decided to finance the second and the third stretch goal out of my own pocket. The Kickstarter campaign will now include the new dice as well as a few extra event cards.

The insert that the “The Game Doctors” are supposed to build looks really good in the first version and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll probably sell it for the production price, as I understand it as a service that ideally should have been integrated into the base game right away.