Introduction: Talindras Children of Nature (Faction)

“Talindras children”, that’s how forest elves, centaurs, fairies & many other magical creatures living in the deep forests of Luslaria are called by man. The elves are not originally from Tarnaris, but from a completely magical island south of the wildest forests of Tarnaris.

They arrived at the beginning of the second era after the humans had already populated Tarnaris. However, not all elves are the same, the humans have found two overriding terms for elves to distinguish them.

Forest Elves:

The Wood Elves are true to their nature. They are connected through and through with magic inherent in the world and are also generally very close to nature. They live from humans as much as possible
isolates and sees itself as a guardian of nature and protector of the
Forest. They live in giant trees that protect them
and by whom they are supplied.

Forest Elves live on average only about 40 human years, because the magic that flows through them and allows them to do incredible things from childhood on, eats them up and consumes their energy.

Due to their short life span, they could hardly be stranger to their relatives, the high elves. They have no high ambitions and leave the forests, which are also their home, only very rarely. While the High Elves are only ever intimate with a few isolated beings, the Forest Elves have a fundamentally different approach and are very open to partnerships. This includes even human or dwarven adventurers who venture into the forests south of Luslaria, if they are not killed by the Forest Elves beforehand because they hurt the forest.

Forest Elves do not go into wars or battles, the only Forest Elves who master weapons are the guardians of the borders to the human cities.

High Elves:

High elves are fixated on power, influence, luxury goods, a life at the court of the most powerful, and always strive for important functions and responsibilities. They are arrogant, highly cultured, but also aloof & cold, selfish and racist.

High elves are long-lived beings, similar, if not more long-lived than dwarves, they survive many generations of humans. High Elves do not have a spark of magic in them. Even the most incompetent of people, who try their hand at magic, can accomplish more than a high elf can ever do.
The elves, who are called “high elves” by humans, have decided against magic and even if they wanted to, they could not cast the slightest spell.

Due to their physical and mental longevity, however, they are able to train almost every skill to mastery and are often superior in battle even to the most tried and tested human generals, as they simply have more time to learn and perfect every technique.
They are not physically or mentally superior to humans per se, but due to their emotional coldness they can make many decisions more rationally and logically than humans can. They are less fertile than humans, dwarves and forest elves and are extremely sceptical about the concept of intimacy.