Rules Q&A and FAQ

Although Till and myself have tested the rules thoroughly over an extended period of time there are some things which are a bit unclear.

Following are the questions regarding the rules that are asked so far.

Now that the game is released we played a lot with players outside our test group and found that some things are not as clear as we hoped they’d where. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent this because as long as there is a finite number of test players there will be a finite number of question. And finding an infinite number of test players… is difficult. So we decided to give you guys all the questions which have been asked so far:


Q: Is it allowed to move and attack with the same unit in the same turn?
A: Yes, that’s what this game is all about.


Q: Is it allowed to move and / or attack multiple times with the same unit during the same turn?
A: Absolutely. Just make sure you have enough Action Points to do so.


Q: How many AP can I have? Is there a limit?
A: No, but you are limited by the ingame effects that grant you AP.


Q: How many gold can I have? Is there a limit?
A: No. And you are not limited to the amount of physical gold coins in the game box as well. In Theory you can use a die or a sheet of paper to keep track if there are not enough coins anymore. But usually you want to spend your money so there shouldn’t be any shortage.


Q: Is there a limit of event cards I can have.
A: No, although we suggest a limit of seven cards in two-player games.


Q: Are there any other rules for two-player games?
A: We suggest to play on only one side of the map with the bonus field included but not anything else. This makes the game more of a duell feel and promotes the fast paced combat system we wanted to get from the game.


Q: Can I play this game with three players? What do I need to consider?
A: Of course you can. We suggest that the player that is located in the middle between the remaining two players receives two more gold at the start of the game. This makes up for the bad position.


Q: Do the walls have any function?
A: They used in our beta testing. But we decided to drop that because it did not promote our goal to create a fast paced combat heavy game. Now the walls have no effect other than showing where your recruiting  zone. But we will publish optional rules soon.


Q: Is the Vampire Thrall a vampire by the rules and thus affected by the Vampire Lords ability?
A: No Vampire Thralls are no vampires and thus unaffected by the Vampire Lords ability. Vampire Thralls are humans created by vampires and used as will-less slaves. (Although Till did not realise this until I explained it to him for the third time!)


Q: If a unit dies  it leaves the battlefield and not the supply. How exactly does First Aid works here?
A: If you play First Aid on a dying unit it never leaves the battlefield and is just not a valid target for an attack.


Q: Wait, does that mean it still is a valid target for abilities like Holy Smite?
A: Yes it does. Abilities are no attacks. Holy Smite explicitly is no combat and thus no attack.


Q: Can the undead summon their units in the buy phase before the game starts?
A: Yes. But this is no whole turn and thus no time younter are removed after it. (Again this is something Till played wrong many times.)


Q: Does Prince Konrad generate three gold per turn? If so, does the Jester can benfit from this?
A: No, he only gets you three gold at the start of the turn. This means you do not get


Q: Can the Jester only copy the abilities of nobles of his faction?
A: No he can copy any, although he won’t benefit from most of them.


Q: Can the jester then create Paladin tokens?
A: Yes he can because tokens are created and not part of the supply. I suggest you turn them to you so everyone can see which tokens belong to you.


Q: Can I use the jesters ability multiple times per turn?
A: Yes, as long as you can pay it costs.


Q: If the jester copies the ability of General Ironfist, (+1 ATK/ATT for all soldiers) multiple times, does this stack?
A: No. Whenever you copy an ability, the other ability is discarded, you cannot hold them in the “working memory”. However you can only stack effects which comes from different sources (Source: Unit, Noble or Event Card are all different sources).


Q: Can I use the Parsons ability Blessing multiple times on the same unit?
A: No you can only stack abilities of different sources (Source: Unit, Noble or Event Card are all different sources), not from the same. The Parsons ability received an errata though. In short: Blessing is finite, which means you either are blessed or you are not. You cannot be blessed more. This means you cannot stack blessing with multiple Parsons.


Q: Can I stack the ability of the Steel Colossus?
A: If there are two Steel Colossus  tiles then those are different sources which meands the effect can be stacked. (Source: Unit, Noble or Event Card are all different sources.)


Q: Are the fields on the sides useable for units?
A: No. Hills mountains and forests cannot be used to place units on. I voted to make them usable but Till did not see my point. Again.


Q: Who gets stunned by “Stun after Kill”?
A: A unit that stands adjacent o the killed unit even if it is not adjacent to the source of the ability.


Q: Does a unit go to the place where a killed unit was?
A: No, combat does not include movement. But of course you can use any remaining AP to move to the now free field.


Q: What does it mean, that Tokens may be used by alkl players?
A: It means that any player can create such a Token. A Token which already is created may only be used by the player who created this Token.


That’s it for today guys, hope these clarifications will help you at your tables. Keep gaming.

So long…