First Work on the Adellos CCG – September 2018

September was all about the Adellos CCG.

While Nele continued to create outstanding Adventure-Cards for Founding Tarnaris and I continued to test the prototype, I was, above all, thinking with Mathias and Daniel about the layout of our trading cards a lot. After a few tests and plenty of discussion, I can settle for the Moment with a design based on Mathias layout suggestion and instruct Daniel to squeeze the entire undead faction that exists until then into the newly decided layout.

A task that is not particularly fun, but necessary if we want to print out the cards and testplay with them. Directly after the CCG cards, I give Daniel the order to design flyers, business cards, posters and roll-ups for Adellos to the SPIEL18 according to my wishes. A task that is a bit more fun and in the end rewarded with high quality looking products.

The small progress the CCG is making right now makes me happy. As a big fan of trading card games like Magic, Yugioh or even Pokemon, the idea of ​​being able to invent my own trading card game is fantastic. However, after testing digital TCGs like Gwent or Heartstone, I find it increasingly difficult to overlook the many mistakes common to all the collectible card games mentioned. The system of rarity that all major TCGs have in common is solely for generating more revenue and in no way contributes to good balancing or fair gaming experience.
Balancing seems to be a problem for many TCGs in general, as they often give the feeling of having to outdo previous sets with a new set of cards. New cards are then sometimes unbelievably overpowered, which again probably serves simply to increase sales.

Of course, booster packs are not better at all. In the end, you don’t even know what you really buy in them. While researching for my own card game, I come across the term “LCG” which stands for Living Card Game in contrast to the TCG (Trading Card Game). A term that comes to my mind for the first time.

If there weren’t so many things in October that demanded my attention, I’d like to put all my energy into creating a trading card game that doesn’t have the big flaws of most popular TCGs. However, at the end of September I have to overcome the problem of dealing with social media accounts like Facebook & Co. Something that I am very reluctant to do. Let’s see where the development of my own card game wiil bring me tho.

At the same time I am dealing with a completely different topic. The adventure game “Adventures of Navrith” by John. That’s because I’m actively developing it with him, discussing concepts and brainstorm together about which combat system is most suitable. I argue for a departure from classic health points and instead a “wound- system as the PnP-System Savage Worlds knows it. That requires significantly less tracking. However, for the time being we should not come to a final decision.

And with that, September is already over. Looking at the very full October I’m a little nervous, but I’m also very happy. Adellos is finally, yes FINALLY going to be printed and thus a 2-year project becomes reality. I can hardly wait for that.

Love from,