The first Graphics – November 2016

The start of Adellos felt racing fast. After I had given my ideas a goal, I now only needed pictures and graphics. Graphics that I could work with or drawings that expressed my vision of the characters I wanted to create.
Thankfully, as a source for test material that I wanted to use to build the game for the development and testing phase, I had a PC game on hand that I also loved to play.

It was: the Battle for Wesnoth

tBfW is a turn-based strategy game, which in its Vanilla modes is a pure tactical battlesimulator with fantasy creatures. The community behind the game, however, has only really made it interesting. With user-made campaigns, new races, epochs and maps, the game has been given completely new game modes and options.

Of course, this is only possible if the creators of the game not only let this happen but even support it at best. And they do that by making almost all the components of the game publicly available. Including pictures and drawings of all figures.

Ideal for me, because I was able to orient myself in the creation of figures, on existing figures, and had also directly pictures to hand, which could serve as a template for the later drawings.

Had I not been able to use the material from tBfW at the beginning of my development, the start would have been more bumpy.
I would like to thank Wesnoth for that. Not only because it gave me a better start at creating my own game, but also because it’s just a great game.
Please stop by if you like turn-based strategy games:

Love from,