Introduction: Irælias Zealots (Faction)

Irælia’s zealots are the most devout people in Tarnaris. They have made it their mission to spread knowledge about the different gods and expect humility and obedience. They built their holy city on the highest mountain in Ochax, right next to an active volcano. While the rural population still smiles at this decision decades after the construction of the great cathedral, the heads of the church explain their decision with these words:

“The volcano is the divine arm of retribution. If one day we should no longer walk in the path of the gods, they will use the mighty power of mountain fire to bring their wrath upon us!”

Since the rise of the undead threat, the zealots of Irælia have dedicated themselves to the fight of these beings. To gain the upper hand in the battle against eternally resurrecting warriors, they use the power of Irælias angels. Irælia, goddess of the sun, created the angels as her warriors and messengers and in exchange for sacrificial offerings they fight at the side of the humans.

Irælia’s zealots are the clergy in Tarnaris. They are the absolutely dominant religion in Tarnaris which is officially rejected by the rebels only in Yestrenia and is not quite as common among dwarves and elves as it is among humans.