An Idea is Born – October 2016

The origin of an idea…
I am a gamer. And I’ve always been a gamer. On consoles, the PC and at the kitchen table.
And just the latter, so board and card games, have taken over an increasing place in my life in the last few years. After finishing my education, without a new challenge, I felt a certain emptiness in my everyday life, which can not be filled by my work as an educator.
When I came across a comparable void during my school days, I built my own user maps in Warcraft 3 or Empire Earth and tested it until I was satisfied with it. But this time, I had another idea! Why do not I create a game myself? Not just a map in an already existing game, but an actual own piece of art?

In the Moment the thought is thought of, it hits fertile ground and it doesn’t take two days for me to find the board & PC games that I enjoy, but all taken by themselves do not feel “done” to me. As if someone had to take the best parts out of them, and shape them into a new game. At this point, I do not yet suspect what a great part of my life, this new idea, of game-making, will play later.
But I immediately felt that I like the idea of ​​being a game author!

Let’s see what the future will bring! 🙂

Love from,